About Us

Lake Grove is Growing


 The promise and vision of the Lake Grove Village Center Plan drives our work with the City of Lake Oswego, the Chamber of Commerce, and adjoining neighborhood associations.

Boones Ferry Road Rebuild


Our board members are actively working on the construction planning and design. We love Lake Grove and need your help and patience through the rebuilding of this important arterial.

Keeping Small Businesses Strong


Join us in marketing and coordinating events in order to promote Lake Grove businesses. Only by working together can we remain healthy and prosperous through the many changes ahead. Shop Lake Grove is an important aspect of our marketing.

What's Happening in the Grove

Network Monthly


The LGBA meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. in the meeting room at Babica Hen Cafe. Feel free to enjoy yummy waffles with us while we talk.

The SW Employment Area


The new City Operations Center is now open and has public meeting rooms available. Come see the new building at the corner of Willow and Pilkington Road.

Mercantile Center Redevelopment


CenterCal has proposed a mixed use development with apartments, retail and underground parking on the Providence site.  Stay involved and help us give feedback on its design.

New Commercial Redevelopment


A project including retail, office and residential apartments is in the works around Oswego Mortgage building and Tres Chic Salon. 

Promoting Parking


After helping write the Lake Grove parking plan the LGBA is advocating for its implementation with a new lot on Oakridge Road.

Encouraging Connectivity


The Lake Grove Village Center plan calls for parking lots to be connected whenever possible. See new connections being made behind Zupan's and Roundtable Pizza.



No upcoming events.